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Can I use my own custom indicators in StrategyQuant?

Since version 2.0 the program offers almost infinite flexibility of building blocks with custom indicators. In contrast with build-in indicators, StrategyQuant doesn’t know how to compute custom indicators; they are defined by their data. This will enable you to use virtually any of your favorite indicators in StrategyQuant.

There are no real limits – you can use multi-timeframe or multi-symbol indicators, generally every indicator that works in MetaTrader can be used in StrategyQuant.

The way it works is that you have to export the values of the indicator computed on a specific symbol and timeframe to a file, and then import this file as a custom indicator to the SQ.
This way you’ll create new custom indicator (with values computed in another program, such as MT4) for this specific symbol and timeframe also in SQ.

Remember, every custom indicator is defined for a specific combination of symbol and timeframe (on which it was computed).

To use the same indicator on another symbol or timeframe, you have to recomputed its data in MT4, export it and create a new custom indicator for this symbol/timeframe combination.

You can find more information about custom indicators in the Users Guide.

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